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The Florida rail network continues to contract, with 3 recent abandonments being finalized:

Venice - Sarasota (Clark Road) CSX/Seminole Gulf (ex-SAL) St. Petersburg stub(ACL interchange west to 34 St. S.) CSX (ex-SAL) Trenton - Newberry CSX/Florida West Coast (ex-ACL)

The Florida West Coast is abandoning operations almost entirely (having once operated as far as Cross City and Chiefland), although they apparently intend to retain trackage (1 mile?) in Newberry for exquipment storage and their annual Santa Claus Train Christmas excursion operation.

Sarsota County is purchasing the Venice line for trail use.

I don't know the right-of-way disposition of the other two lines.

-- Jeff Gerlach (jgerlach@trainsofthought.com), March 30, 2004


It's a seasonal operation, basically for local children.

FWC has a couple of ex-Wabash coaches.

Here's a link to a Gainesville Sun article from the past two years on the excursion (requires free registration to view).

http://www.gainesvillesun.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artikkel? SearchID=73167079948547&Avis=GS&Dato=20031224&Kategori=LOCAL&Lopenr=21 2240319&Ref=AR

http://www.gainesvillesun.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artikkel? SearchID=73167080542253&Avis=GS&Dato=20021223&Kategori=LOCAL&Lopenr=21 2230004&Ref=AR

-- Jeff Gerlach (jgerlach@trainsofthought.com), March 30, 2004.

Didn't know Florida West Coast ran a Christmas excursion. Does anyone know what cars are used in the consist? Thanks.

-- Bob Venditti (bobvend@bellsouth.net), March 30, 2004.

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