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-- (, March 29, 2004


-- WOW (, March 29, 2004.

UH...YEAH. Wow, well we now know that Charleze is definitely attractive enough to play the part... (that is Charleze, correct?) Her face is even kind of Aeon-ish in this pic. I don't know though, from her look in this picture I think she would do a better job playing the role of Sybil, who probably will not even be in the live action movie for whatever reason...

-- Max W. (, March 29, 2004.

I think they're going to do one of the silent stories. The one about trevor spreading that diseaase and then curing everyone, while Aeon tries to kill him.

-- ashed out (, March 30, 2004.

100% Aeon

-- Adam Tierney (, March 30, 2004.

Whoops. Mean this:

-- Adam Tierney (, March 30, 2004.

yeah, who is that in that picture? Ash, I don't think that they are going to use a story from one of the animations. Ideally, they would expand upon one, or do some type of silent story, as you are suggesting, but I have a feeling that the story is not going to be very "Aeon-ish". But hey, what do I know?

-- Max W. (, March 30, 2004.

When I heard about the virus i thought of "pilot" also. of course diff or else it would be 15 min. the impression i got was they weren't looking for a look a like as much as they wanted a big name behind the project within reason. which they said in some article. I'm really let down by their choice. I couldn't sit through girl fight either

-- (, March 30, 2004.

It's Famke Janssen, who not only looks like Aeon, but is tall like her, too.

-- Adam Tierney (, March 30, 2004.

Yeah, thats a good picture too.

I just saw "Secretary" - Is David Spader his name? Well, I think he would be quite a good choice for Trevor.

-- Sam (, March 31, 2004.

I never thought of aeon as tall.

-- (, March 31, 2004.

a good trevor vould be the guy from hackers or marlon wayans

-- (, March 31, 2004.

Yeah, Johnny Lee Miller, or Jude Law as Trevor. I guess Marlon Wayans could do it, but even the other guy from Hackers , the guy who was shaggy in scooby doo, Matthew Lillard, or the Tall French Guy from the Messenger w/ Milla Jovovich and Le Pac De Lupes, (the Bad guy) Vincent Cassel
-- ashley (, April 01, 2004.

let's see if this works

-- ash (, April 01, 2004.

Charlize (with an I) will need an awful lot of padding, which they even supplied Angelina Jolie for Tomb Raider. Not that I think she needed it. Jolie would have made a suitable Aeon, being edgy enough, though it may not not have been much of a strretch for her. I find Theron to be too vanilla, but she is a good actress. (I like Carrie Ann Moss too).

-- jennifer (, August 31, 2004.

Sean Young with contacts. (Princess Irulan from Dune)

-- jen (, September 02, 2004.

How can you not be into girls when there are girls like that? Can't wait to see if the movie is worthy or not.

-- April (, September 02, 2004.

Girls that kick ass kick ass! I was wondering if the movie would be shot in segments, similar to the episodic style of AF in which she dies in some scenes, is triumphant in others, and at times the lines of "reality" are blurred. (Chronophasia, or the last episode where she's in a comic book) what makes it work is the lack of order. The series has an an anarchistic feel, like Aeon. I hope the movie is true to this style.

-- jen (, September 02, 2004.

@ops! Sean Young played Princess Chani in Dune. Irulan is a lady on MTV's The Real World.

-- jen (, September 08, 2004.

Hmm I totally agree with Jen, and hope for the same but I fear we might as well not hold our breaths. Whatever ideas they throw in the pan, Aeon Flux is something that could just never work as a live action feature. Eidos totally sold Lara out and as a result the original concept has been completely destroyed. Peter might do better cocentrating his efforts into a new TV series or OVA style release. Yet, I appreciate Hollywood is where the $$ is and fair play to him. I'm sure that the usual blend of explosions, boy-meets-girl and a happy ending is going to keep the kids happy and the money rolling. I hope that Doug Naylor sticks to his guns and doesn't sell Red Dwarf off. I honestly thought Aeon was something they'd never mess with but...

-- Benj (, September 16, 2004.

A big part of the attraction with Peter Chung's work is the figuration of the human form. So obsessive is he, to the point of fetishizing the body in all of its manifold poses, that it's nearly impossible to imagine living flesh doing his vision any justice. Coupled with a troupe of Hollywood studio stooges -- production and post-production people, as well as the know-nothing executives -- the film in the can is unlikely bear a final product nothing like the "Aeon Flux" we know and love. Notwithstanding Theron's delicious body, this is likely to be a colossal dud, much like other films that rely on eye candy to sell tickets ("Cat Woman".)

Not to be a pessimist or anything.

Above all, what remains uniquely alluring about Aeon Flux, long after its last episode aired on Liquid TV, is the bond between Aeon and Trevor. I've heard this relationship referred to as sado- masochistic; in truth, it goes well beyond BDSM to the very soul of what it means to be bound to someone else. Trevor and Aeon's dance is a wicked tango in which, to quote Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty, "The question is 'which is to be master?' That is all." Who leads? Who follows? Can Aeon the mercenary.... the independent agent.... break free of Trevor's dark desires for her, to which she's drawn like light into a black hole? Does she want to? Can Trevor ever stop craving her? What would he be without her? Their relationship is antipodal as any of art or folklore. They come, they go... but the can not escape what is an irresistable force.

Clearly, Theron is miscast. She's pretty, but she's no more suitable to play Aeon than Ryan Phillippe would be for the Trevor part. A Fiorentino or Zeta-Jones type would have been the obvious move, though I'd have preferred Gina Gershon, personally. Gershon is all woman.... naturally beautiful in a tough way. What do all of you think?

-- TrevorG (, October 08, 2004.

I've always been partial to Famke Jenesen, but I do have high hopes for Charlize

-- Ashley Fox (, October 08, 2004.

a good trevor vould be the guy from hackers or marlon wayans

i wrote that a long time ago. i was on vacation and um.. thought the place died. turns out he is in the movie.. his brother or something..

-- gfg (, October 15, 2004.

As an exercise, it would be interesting to hear who AF fans consider to be the actor best equipped to play Trevor (and one may imagine the following actors in their primes, if one will..... particularly the dead ones): 1. Jonny Lee Miller; 2. Gary Oldman; 3. Malcolm McDowell; 4. Ewan McGregor; 5. Ralph Fiennes; 6. David Bowie; 7. Julian Sands; 8. Sting; 9. Jude Law; 10. Jeremy Irons; 11. Christopher Lee; 12. Christopher Walken; 13. John Malkovich; 14. Rutger Hauer; 15. Max von Sydow; 16. Patrick Stewart; 17. Peter Weller; 18. Liam Neeson; 19. Klaus Kinski; 20. other.

Of course, I would make a finer Trevor than any of the aforementioned fools. Oh, yes. I am Trevor, after all. I am Trevor, after all.

-- Trevor G. (, October 25, 2004.

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