Edgar Allen Poe

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Does anyone have any sites or information on Poe's style of writing? It would be very appreciated...Thank You!!!

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2004


Poes writing became very dark after he lost all of the women in his life. It also became more deep. Like when he lost his mothers' and his wife. bye!

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2004

www.eapoe.org with links to literature and other sites especially "poe studies". it depends what tyour are specifically lookg for regarding style. Poe himself has essays on his work and poetry and writing in general.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2004

edgar allan poe's style of writting it hour and what he was thinking right then. he wrotehis pain and unhappy ness in his writing. some web sites might be this on and other site about poe. my why don't you answer mine. it is a good poem.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2004

hi i like poe

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2004

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