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`I lost my roperty some 12yrs ago and a CCJ was put on my mothers address,although I was in rented accomodation at the time. My question is how long does it stay active and if my mother sells or I inherit the property will I have to pay the ccj. Many Thanks For Most Informative site.


-- Patrick Kelly (, March 29, 2004


As far as i know, a ccj lasts for 6 years, but i have had different advice from people saying it stays on record until you pay it or not,if it is paid off, then you can get a certificate of satisfaction from the local county court. If you haven't lived at your parents address since then, you can get it removed, as my friend got her parents house "blacklisted" without them knowing, and when they come to obtain credit for something, that's when they found out, but they had to prove my mate didn't live there any more, and they got the judgement removed, i have seen adverts from places that promise you they can remove ccj's even if they haven't been paid off, but i have heard it is not 100 % accurate. I think you should be ok, as like i say after 6 yrs it is supposed to be removed, but double check first. good luck, Jane.

-- jane (, March 29, 2004.

Definitely 6 years then its removed from the County Court Register and within a couple same month its wiped from the credit reference agencies such as experian and equifax.

As to whether or not you need to repay the ccj it depends but its usually a no no after 6 years have elapsed.

Although if the claimant has attempted on numerous occassions to collect the judgement and you have simply ignored their letters then in theory they can approach the court for an extension of limitation but they need to have a bloody good excuse.

If they have not pursued you since the judgement you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

-- who?? (, March 30, 2004.

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