Which movie format has the best quality

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Hi, I am just starting to do a video editing. I have no idea which video format is the best for a movie? .mpeg? .dat? .avi?

-- Kew (yhq4@yahoo.com), March 29, 2004


it all depends on the bit rate you use. also it depends on what kind of authoring program you are going to use for your movie, if it becomes a vcd or dvd. But for the most part, mpg is the standard format for dvds svcds and vcds. It seems that you can mess around and do more in the case of compression and changing the way the mpg video looks with mpg format. Also it's easier to deal with when you're editing and adding stuff to it. I must warn you though, there hasn't been a program out there (freeware) that can succesfully cut or merge mpgs without a hassle. usually avis are the best when merging and cutting, but mpgs are easier to deal with. Sometimes though, I make an avi with the best quality possible and then convert it into an mpg, (add whatever cut merge an avi and then convert into mpg) don't like doing it but whatever gets you the best results for your needs. hopefully this was useful, if not, email me with a more specific question.

-- rodriguez (bollas00@hotmail.com), May 07, 2004.

mpg or avi can accomplish the same quality. it all depends on what you are going to use it for, then the question becomes, which one is more compatible?

-- rodriguez (bollas00@hotmail.com), May 07, 2004.

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