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How do I print the full width of a DCC page ?? No matter how small I set the font, I still crop the right side of a page. I think this is a Windows problem, but hopefully there is a solution. Thank you.

-- Don Avila (, March 28, 2004



I was hoping someone else knew a solution I didn't. My early webpages have trouble printing. Unfortunately, I was pretty far along before I realized I had the problem. I am slowly revamping the website for a skinnier format. The new red/white/blue/yellow pages should print okay - I hope!

The problem has something to do with the settings for your monitor. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it appears to be true and why I didn't notice the problem when I first developed the website. I had my monitor settings set to a higher resolution and everything was printing fine for me. Try setting your monitor to higher resolution settings.

Also try setting your print margin as small as will work with your printer. Lastly, set your printer to print landscape rather than portrait.

I am sorry if you have to do these extra things. I am trying to revamp the website as time permits. Only the old decoder installs will not be revamped except by request.

-- Allan Gartner (, April 01, 2004.

i've generally had better luck printing from internet explorer than from mozilla (my preferred browser).

before printing, use the print preview command under the file menu. when in preview mode, set the browser to "shrink pages to fit". mozilla has this in a pull down menu and internet explorer has a radio button. you can also use the preview to check which pages have useful text.

mozilla also lets you set the precentage size reduction. as low as 30% if you have good eyesight.

remember, web browsers and html aren't really designed for printing on paper and the printed pages will often look goofy compared to their on-line cousins. a better (but time consuming) alternative is to use copy and paste to transfer the text to a word processor and print from there.

-- the rook (, April 20, 2004.

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