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I've burned a 735 MB SVCD movie together with some softwares (totally 750 MB) as ordinary data files on a 900 MB CD. Everything went well and even in the end I got the message "burned successfully"! The problem is that now when I want to read from the CD, it doesn't work. The computer gets very very slow to the extent that it takes minutes for me to even mark the file in "windows explorer" while the CD-burner itself seems to work.

I've also tried to copy the file over to the HDD but it doesn't work. It takes ages.

When I check my CD-burner in Nero (version 6), it says that "overburn" is supported. Also when I check a blank 900 MB CD in Nero, it shows that the CD has 800 MB of free space. So it shouldn't be any problem as I burned 750 MB of data.

I should also mention that all the files that I burned (including the movie) work fine in the HDD so there are no problems there.

Any ideas? I'd be very thankful if you could help me. Regards.

-- Sly (, March 28, 2004

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