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My dads mate used a garden strimmer moter (petrol) and attached it to his sons push along micro scooter. I am going to try to do this but has any1 got advice 4 me please on should i use a strimmer motor or if i should use a chainsaw motor?


-- Tom Da Costa (, March 27, 2004


i am making a scooter at the moment i did some tests with diffrent engins and i found that a 75cc strimmer warks the best hop this is some help if you get a scooter going e mail me hope this helps

-- chris sykes (CHRISYKES@HOTMAIL.COM), April 17, 2004.

hey yeah so i made this awsome petrol scooter out of 2 chainsaw moters i simply put them on each side of the back it wieghs down a bit but damn it goes fast... i also have made petrol go-karts, and alot of other things. its good fun try it. bye for now

-- patrick gallegos (, August 19, 2004.

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