pull start spring assembly

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does anyone know how to compress a recoil starter spring to fit it back into the starter assembly. i took mine out to clean the cover and i cant get it back in, would it work to cut it shorter

-- playboy (none@never.com), March 27, 2004


ey it happened the same to me.. i think its very hard to put it in place again.. to me never mind cause i dont need it anymore..

-- FaQ (juaa@juajua.com), March 29, 2004.

it happened to me n now im looking for a new1 it is almost impossible to get it bak in...i think u need a machine..steve

-- Stephen Gurney (stevegurney@msn.com), June 19, 2004.

i have a pull start on a goped the cord snapped it took me 5 mins to put a shoelace in the pull start put the spring in place and it just slotted in!

-- Imy (ak47imy@india.com), October 19, 2004.

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