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id like to hear better ways of transferring videos from camcorder(vhs-c tape) to vcd.

currently im using a jvc camcorder(vhs-c tape) to shoot my video. then i use pinnacle tv capture device, and pinnacle studio8 software, to capture clips into my harddisk. then i import the .avi files into windows movie maker2, and edit it there. after editing i encode the .wmv file into mpeg using TMPGenc. and finaly burning it into the cdr using nero (vcd format).

but i found several problem areas. 1)movie maker encounters problems(or hangs) "making the movie" if the movie is too long. HOW CAN I REMEDY THIS. MY MOVIES ARE 20-30 MINS LONG. ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO CUT IT SHORT. 2)the final output(the vcd) when viewed on the tv displays a not-so-good quality(somewhat blurred or off focus). HOW CAN I IMPROVE THE QUALITY. IS IT IN THE SETTINGS OF STUDIO8, OR MOVIE MAKER, OR TMPGenc, OR NERO THAT I SHOULD IMPROVE? 3)and final question, DOES THE QUALITY OF THE ORIGINAL .AVI FILE DETERIORATE WHEN CONVERTED TO .MPG? AND FURTHER ON WHEN .MPG IS CONVERTED TO VCD FORMAT USING NERO? AND VICE VERSA.


-- gc castro (, March 26, 2004


I think I can help with your 1st problem. I read somewhere that Moviemaker 2 can't deal with files larger than the amount of free ram avaialble. You can improve it by increasing the size of your page file. This is a microsoft service bulletin on this subject.

-- Adrian Jacobs (, April 08, 2004.

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