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204. Collusion of secret police forces (2/6)

1. In above messages (#193 to 199) I talked about how "Philippine FBI" allegedly manipulated Islamic rebel to favour Feds demand.

2. For more than two years I posted messages talked about how I feared to be murdered in frame case planned by Feds and Chinese secret police. Some people said I was paranoid. The outbreak of Fujiang drug case in May 2003 proves my allegation was very correct. FBI and DEA worked with Chinese secret agency to cultivate a drug gang in Fujiang which exported drugs to US. As an interest exchange, Feds bribed China in a secret deal in the name of releasing crews of EP-3 Spy plane. China were granted the entrance of WTO and to host 2008 Olympic which would benefit China billions in economy.

3. In June and July 2002, I posted message "#68. Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15/02)"," Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow", "#77. The payment of deal". The fact that Ashcroft announced Pardilla's arrest in Moscow on 6/10, and Bush signed a directive to announce Padilla as an "enemy combatant" gave me a feeling that something unusual would happen. It was similar to the secret deal of spy plane. As an interest exchange, Russia was benefited politically and economically in later meeting of G-8 in Canada in 6/28. Russia was granted host of 2006 G-8 and promised 20 billions aid in weapon elimination program.

At that time nobody knew Bush determined to invade Iraq. So I could only warn there might be an dirty bomb attack manipulated by our own government. And I had written in message the possible motive: "Either for election, or for the support of war on Iraq, or against criticism of failure's their choice."

18 months after June 2002, I can say it was an attempt to justify war on Iraq. With 911 attack as justification, Bush started Afghan war. It would have been easy for him to start Iraq war if there had been a dirty bomb attack.

Padilla was released weeks ago. Because Iraq war is over. He was not needed any more. Remember they even activated two top officials of US government (Bush and Ashcroft) to propagand on Padilla's arrest at first. Is it childish to have such an end? Because the designated main show had no chance to act. I think my revelation had stopped a dirty bomb attack to American people.

4. Missile attack in Monbasa, Kenya. On 11/28/02, Report said suspected Al Quada operatives fired two missiles at an Israeli charter flight which was taking off from Monbasa. However, the missiles missed the target.

I think this attack was a manipulated one by Israeli's secret police based on following reason: (1) In both Afghan war and Iraq war, no US war planes was reported shot down by ground to air missle. The two Mid-east regime at that time had much more resource to get shoulder carry missles than small branch of Al Quada team in Kenya. Lack of such missil fight meant the shoulder carry missile is a very restricted weapon in market. Even Bin Laden and Saddam had none (or very few) of them.

(2) Even if Saddam and Bin Laden had such missile, most likly they would use it to defend themselves in the war. No reason Al Quada move such kind of weapon to a remote area of Kenya.

(3) The target was a civilian flight. It was slow when taking off from airport. It was much easier to be hit than a fighter. Yet two missils missed it. I've heard Iraqi had shot down an Aparche copter in war by rifle. These two missils missed a much bigger target. Are they toys or what?

(4) Israel was eager for the Iraq war.

(5) Bush got the Iraq war power from War Authorization Bill in October 2002. It was the time to find an excuse to start the war.

I felt Monbasa missiles attack was a psychology preparations for a manipulated missile attack. So when I saw the news of another flight attack warning, I immediately posted it to alert people. see message "109. Beware another terror attack" (1/16) News: Within the past three weeks, US intelligence gathered what officials at Scott Air Force Base described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military. (1/13/03, San Jose Mercury News)

I think Feds had tried at least twice to justify Iraq war by manipulating terror attacks. One was dirty bomb attack and one was shoulder carry missle attack. The plan failed to be carried out for some reason. I believe my revelation in advance played an important role. Some people argued they saw no reason Feds want to murder me. Despite other story, these two can be a reason big enough.

205. How terror attack happens (2/11)

I alleged Russia secret police was in collusion with Feds to supply terrorist with restrict weapon to create terror attack. I had such opinion based on my realization that Chinese secret police is doing so with Feds. And my personal experience told me Feds manipulated gangs and terrorist group to commit crimes which benefit them. So I made previous warnings.

On 8/13/2003, a news proved my allegation was correct.

Quote, "3 arrested in alleged plot to smuggle shoulder-fired missiles into U.S. BY JAMES GORDON MEEK AND GREG B. SMITH New York Daily News NEW YORK - (KRT) - An international sting nailed an arms dealer who believed he was smuggling a missile into New York so terrorists could take out a jetliner on the Sept. 11 anniversary, sources said Tuesday......

The intrigue started when Russian intelligence told U.S. authorities about the arms dealer. U.S. agents posing as Islamic terrorists approached him, saying they were looking for a missile to shoot down a jetliner Sept. 11, one source said. The dealer allegedly took the bait and reached out to contacts in Russia, where a Russian agent posed as a disgruntled military official and sold the dealer the Igla, the source said. American and Russian agents built a fake Igla and slipped it to the dealer, then monitored its trip to Newark." (N.Y.D.N)

"A senior US official said Lakhani is not considered a major arms dealer; and that law enforcement officials had hoped he would lead them to terrorists shopping for weapons, but had to abandon that effort when news of his arrest was leaked." (8/24/03 S.J.M.N)

This is a typical story of a framed case. In which the buyer was a FBI undercover and supplier was the secret police of Russia. If they only had tipped that British weapon agent to a potential terrorist, (you can imagine FBI have a bunch of black list of those Islamic fanatics whom are eager to revenge) supplied him a real Igla, and allowed the terrorist to shot down an airplane. Then there will be a third Mid-east war or a new "Patriot Act 3".

We were able to know this case because Mr. Lakhani was not a terrorist. His motive was money. Was Feds so incompetent only could break un-terrorist related case? ( As a matter of fact, this was not a break of a case. It was a case framed by Feds) I think they have many of similar case in their hands. That's their assets. Monbasa missiles attack could be viewed as one in which "suspected Al Quada" used two disabled missiles from their supplier. They keep such assets until they need it. At the time of president election, or when government being accused of failed in terrorist intelligence, or when they need a big event to divert public's attention such like one in #191. Framming a case in December (12/26).

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