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Im using nero burning suite/express..

i have a terapin stand alone vcd recorder as well.... my vcd process consists of recording stuff from the television / dvd player onto cd-rw's via the terapin vcd recorder... i then take the cd-rw and copy he dat files onto my hard drive......i then use nero to create a vcd from the saved dat is where the problem arises........whenever i use nero to burn these vcds when i play the newly created vcd back in my dvd layer or computer the sound is out of sync with the video!?! the degree of the sync problem depends on what type of unit im playing the vcd on! if i play the vcd on my dvd player, the sync is about 1 second delay......if i play it on my laptop it is about 1.5 seconds........if i play it on a vcd player there is no problem!!!!

has anyone else encountered this?? what can be done to correct it?


-- Jason Scott Yeldell (, March 25, 2004


i have the same problem and would love to correct it...

-- gary fowler (, June 11, 2004.

same me can any one help its driving me mad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh plz e-mail me and let me know

-- matt hodgson (, August 26, 2004.

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