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having problem playing vcd on my thomson tv in the dedicated av channel. sound comes out ok. but picture cannot hold, kept jumping with multi images and only in black and white.

my jvc multisys vcd player played normally on my jvc tv. both have 3 input/output connections. it has options to play in ntsc, pal and auto mode. tried all 3 positions. ntsc position won't work. the other 2 positions same problem, unable to hold steady picture etc.

my thomson tv has a two jack input, one for audio and one for video. did use 2 into 1 cable for audio and a 1 to 1 for video. tv also indicated ntsc playback only. no other adjustment possible.

tried to locate av channel with vcd playing but unable to do so.

please kindly help. many thanks.

-- chuacl (, March 24, 2004

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