why is'nt gohan a super saiyan??.

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yeah someone has to answer this,now when gohan returned to earth from supereme kai's planet,and fought majin buu,and when majin buu absorbed gotenks and piccolo,why did'nt he tuned in to a super saiyan level 1 or level 2.??

thanx, gohan

-- gohan (galletgun@msn.com), March 23, 2004


I haven't seen this episode for awhile but I think it was because the kai gave him more power so in his current state when he went to fight majin buu he was more powerful then his ssj levels but what I don't get is why didnt he just go ssj2 with his new power? that never made sense to me lol but yeah I hope that helped ^^

-- Hiei (yaoifreak@neo.rr.com), March 23, 2004.

i know.He was going to be attack why doesn't he turn into a super saiyan so he can beat Buu even better!

-- red suns srotary,the dark alliance (tripoidx3gundam@hotmail.com), March 23, 2004.

I think it's because his Mystic form is much, much stronger than even SSJ2, but he can't do both at the same time. But he also started going SSJ again in GT instead of using his Mystic form, that's another reason why GT sucks.


-- Yonk (TrunksandGoten@ChibisareKawaii.chibis), March 23, 2004.

When the Rou Dai Kaioushin finishes powering him up, Gohan asks "How can I achieve the powerup" or something. Rou Dai Kaioushin tells him that he just has to power up like he's going Super Saiyajin and it will come forth, thus creating the state known as "Mystic" that only Gohan gets. Now keep in mind that Rou Dai Kaioushin never actually says he can never go Super Saiyajin again, though many fans believe this to be so. But at that point the Mystic has brought forth all his latent power so going SSJ is no longer NESSECARY (Sorry...I can NEVER spell that damn word) do kill Majin Buu. Now that's where GT screws up again by making him able to go Super Saiyajin, and thus confuse us all as to the ability. But ignore GT, it sucks ass.

But just looking at Mystic Gohan vs. Buu, Gohan didn't have to go SSJ. But when Buu absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo and Gohan was outmatched, THAT'S when it gets confusing...If he COULD go SSJ, would that SSJ cancel out the Mystic or make it more powerful? Could he go SSJ at all? I think that if he COULD go SSJ it would have cancelled the Mystic and made him weaker, which would be a logical reason as to why he DIDN'T go SSJ. Another explanation would be that Toriyama-Sensei just didn't go down that road either cuz he forgot or because it would just be boring and we wouldn't have gotten Vegetto, Kid Buu, or any of the end stuff in the Buu Saga. But damn...that's a good question!!

-- Suupaa Gohan 2 (dragonballz@aol.com), March 24, 2004.

Very late reply ~ but oh well

~~~ Answer ~~~

In reply to all of your questions and theorys . If Gohan was to turn super saiyan he would have become weaker because he would be powering down and also because his mystic form is much stronger than his ssj 1 & 2 forms . The reason why Gohans hair didnt turn super saiyan colour when he started to loose his power due to super buu beating him to death was because people familarise the super saiyan attributes ( yellow hair , green eyes , height increase , hair increase ) as being better than all the other forms . an example of this most people would think that Goku or Vegeta are stronger than Piccolo , which they are , but at one point Piccolo ( Cell sage )was stronger than them , thats a point where a lot of people realised you dont need to be a super saiyan to be strong. If Gohan was to turn back into super saiyan most people would have got confused and thought to themselves how can he be getting stronger when hes getting beat to death. It would have been confusing more than Gohan being in his mystic form with his normal black hair. Thats an obvious reason why Akira Toriyama ( probably spelt wrong ) probably didnt show him powering down into ssj state . I know most of you probably think wot if gohan were to become mystic and ssj but the fact is thats the whole point of the mystic form its like gohans current ssj level 2 strength improved. Mystic form is ssj form !!! The other characters dont have mystic ssj forms because they didnt receive it from Elder Supreme Kai . You Dont need to obtain mystic form in order to go to ssj 3 level its just an extra version of ssj2. for example theres ssj1 - and ascended ssj1 which is stronger but slower then theres ssj2 - mystic ( only gohan gets ) Gohans mystic form is a stronger version of his ssj2 form what would be the point of him turning back into a normal ssj2 when hes in a form stronger than his normal ssj2 state. For example lets take goku we all know in his ssj4 form he is stronger than in his ssj3 form but goku doesnt have yellow hair in his 4th form like in all his other forms but hes still stronger right .

Looks can be deceiving !!! I hope this makes sense at all to anyone and im sorry ive had to over emphasise the same stuff over and over - im only doing it for you guys -->

Thanks for your time Dwayne

"Any further inquiry's i can be contacted on my email address"

-- Dwayne (TheGreatOne04_4eva@hotmail.com), May 31, 2004.

because if he would have then he would have blown up the planet thus causing the earth to be destroyed and majin buu would survive. because mystic isnt a power up he is always mystic once he brought out the power once he would always have it thus if he would ahve turned into a super saiyan he would have had to much power and the earth would have become unstable and then the planet would have blown up.

-- haywood jablowme (chris_odds1@hotmail.com), June 14, 2004.

Look its simple...He already had somthin more powerful then those 2 supa sayian modes...o.k. SEEYA

-- The Dark Queen of Evil (don't_send_me_an_email@yahoo.com), June 22, 2004.

OK, as much as I love DBZ and Gohan-kun in particular, I'd say we're reading too much into it. It was a good question but it just can't be "truly" answered. It's Toriyama-Sensei. He tends to not explain everything and leave it up to the readers. But Dwayne is probably right.

-- Suupaa Gohan 2 (dragonballz@aol.com), June 23, 2004.

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