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I have had both hips replaced - right 11 years and left 7 years - they are both uncemented titanium. Two weeks ago I skipped on a wet floor and, although I managed to prevent myself from falling, I jarred my leg rather badly and a very severe pain in the front of my thigh came over me in what I can only describe as a "wave". It lasted for about 5 minutes and was worse in the middle (after about 2 minutes). It seemed to go away and I thought I was OK. Last week I underwent the same trauma when I trod on something on the stairs and stopped myself from falling and two days after that I stepped heavily in the street when something blew out of my hands and I tried to catch it. On Sunday I was just lowering myself into a narrow chair and caught my buttock (not hard) on the arm - the same severe wave of pain came over me again. Can anyone tell me what I have done and what I should do???? I am averse to visiting my GP because the last time I went to ask for a referral due to increased back & hip pain in my right hip, the locum dislocated my left hip.

-- Bronwyn Johnston (, March 23, 2004

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