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I am putting a motor (whipper snipper or chainsaw) on my billy cart does anybody know how if you do please tell me how

-- mitchell point (, March 22, 2004


Gidday mate , if your interested I can email you a couple of photos of a whipper snipper engined go kart I built for my kids, my twin boys who are 4 ride it as well as my 9 yr old daughter although she is getting a bit tall. It has a Ryobi engine through a chainsaw clutch , then through a 4 inch angle grinder head which gives a 6-1 reduction,I hand cut a 8 tooth drive sprocket for the output side of the grinder head, and used a pushbike chain and front sprocket to get drive to the axle. Rob

-- Rob Mcginty (, May 31, 2004.

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