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I wanted to know if any of the modern Polaroid instant cameras can be used for image transferring. I'm going on a trip to Italy and I wanted to apply this technique on location.

Basically, I want to take an instant photo, take the negative part of the film and apply to a page in a book for a diary. Right on the spot.

Can you tell me which Polaroid camera & slow speed film is recommended.

Thx Marco

-- Marco De Sario (, March 22, 2004


what a cool idea! :) Because most of polaroid's modern cameras take 600 film, you won't be able to do transfers with them. You'll have to use a camera that takes the peel-apart film. My best guess is that you'll want a camera that takes 669 film because (I'm pretty sure at least) that is the cheapest peel-apart film at just under $1 per photo. I just checked the polaroid website and they had this camera that's no longer made called the ProPack that took 669 film. Then there's also a Holga with a polaroid back but I'm not sure if it takes peel- apart film. I suggest looking on ebay for older cameras that take your chosen film type, or looking into modifying medium format cameras with a polaroid back. good luck!

-- Anna Fizyta (, March 25, 2004.

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