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Hello DCC Friends I am trying to set up a reverse loop for my layout. I am useing Peco turnouts and Wyes. The problem I am having is I gaped the wyes to seperate them from the turnouts because I know the turnouts are power routed. Anyway, when my Locos crosses the gap the DB150 is surpose to match the polarity I though. It doesn't do that, it shorts out the system. I didn't have that problem with atlas trunouts and wyes. I'm useing Peco because I feel that they look better. So someone out there please help me with this problem. I just know that there is an answer to this mess. I really don't want to go back to atlas, but if I have to hum, hum, hum. I'm waiting for a responce real soon. Thanks in advance.

-- Lawrence Hannahan (, March 22, 2004



I'm not clear on what you mean by wyes. Are you using wye turnouts or you have configured your track into a wye. I'll try answering your question anyway.

You should be using one booster for the reversing section - whether your track is in a reverse loop or wye configuration. You should be using a separate booster for the track connecting with the reversing section.

Check your manual for your booster. By configuring jumpers on the front of the DB150, you configure the booster to auto reverse. Configure the booster in your reversing section to do that. If you don't have a manual, check out the Digitrax website.

The booster than connects to your reversing section, should be configured for non-reversing. Do not configure both boosters for auto reversing.

Peco makes two types of turnouts. You don't mention which you are using. I am infering you are using the Electrofrog.

Make sure you have gapped (or used insulated joiners) on both rails and at both ends of your reversing section. If you don't have a total of four gaps or insulated joiners, then this is your problem.

I hope this does it for you.

-- Allan Gartner (, March 22, 2004.

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