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History Chinese people discovered tea. Over one thousand years ago, Chinese people began to have the habit of drinking tea. Today, the habit of drinking Chinese tea almost spread over the world.

In Tang dynasty, there was a man called "Luk Yu" (Today Chinese people called him "The God Of Tea"). He did a lot of researches about tea, and wrote a book called "Cha Kane" (The Tea), which was the first book about Chinese Tea in the world. After the book issued, Drinking Tea became fashion in Chinese. Every one, no matter nobles, officials, workers, farmers, were fanatical about drinking tea. And the fashion gradually spread over Korea, Japan and the South East Asia.

In early 17th century, Holland East Indian Company imported Chinese tea to Europe. Furthermore, in the middle 17th century, drinking tea became a fashion in the noble community in Britain.


-- Annie Hui (, March 22, 2004

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