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Hi. I am 14 years old, and I am currently building a go cart. A lot of the parts I am building, and other parts, that seem difficult to make, because I'm kinda inexperienced, I'm buying off the internet. Anyway, I noticed that "bucket seats", off almost any website, are usually $30+, and thats expensive for just a seat! I was wondering if there is anything wrong with just using a metal folding chair, cutting off the legs, and welding the seat onto the frame. Is it not strong enough or something, because all of the bucket seats sold on the internet use buckles. Also, does anywone know why they are so expensive, i mean, its just a seat. Please help, and thanks a lot.

-- Peson Making a Go Kart (, March 21, 2004


you need a seat with some sort of side support so you dont fall out when oyu go round corners so you can use an ordinary plastic chair with some metal bars welded to the frame covered with fome for padding

-- Tom Hill (, March 22, 2004.

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