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hi im thunking of making a go-kart for my year 10 project but i dont no how to start could u please send me some stuff that will help me with this project and another question if i was to put a lawn mower engine on the go kart how will i get it to to just sit there on idole with out a gear box thankyou please repley soon.

-- abdul sawan (, March 21, 2004


I got the perfect idea BUY MINE $500 and shes yours

-- bennett u (, March 21, 2004.

use a centrifugal cluch it is a very simple mecanism made of to main parts a drum with one end cut of and a shaft coming from the outher end and a rod with bracke pads on it which when the rod is spinning fly out and hid the drum if i were you id go the the tip and find and old mower with a centrifugal cluch i piced one up for only 5.00 and it came with a working engin i got it home checed the oil there was allready fuel in the tank pulled the starter and it started

i hope i hace been some help i didnt build a gocart i built a genarater last year when i was eleven and it worked

-- danny (, March 21, 2004.

could you tell me how you made that generator, i was think of making one too?

-- a person (, March 21, 2004.

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