a old blue homelite chainsaw

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i got an old homelite chainsaw that i can't get going. it only works when i pour a little gas down the sparkplug hole, then it goes for about 5 seconds or so, whenever the gas burns out. i took it all apart when i got it and i think its the carb, not sure tho, any help would help.............

-- Wayne Macmillan (foger123321@yahoo.com), March 20, 2004


take apart the carb and clean it with petrol really well make sure none of the jets are blocked theres no reason why it shouldnt run now as long as the carb is complete

-- Tom Hill (a_life_behind_bars2@hotmail.com), March 21, 2004.

Hi, The carb is a good place to start, check the diaphram&/or float make sure the float is not filled with fuel. also I had a 2 cycle mower with the same symptons and I found out after I sold it that the condenser was bad. The spark should be blue not orange.LOL!

-- james ponder (ponder199@aol.com), March 22, 2004.

You obviously have a fuel related problem. Most likely the carb diaphragms are hard or wrinkled... Also check that the fuel lines are resilient... the fuel filter will likely need to also be replaced. It helps to have an illustrated PARTS LIST to work from. Contact me if you need parts. I stock most HOMELITE saw parts and the illustrated PARTS LISTs.

-- BillW (walcott@oz-online.net), April 21, 2004.

Check for compression , should be 120 PSI or more. If ok, make sure fuel filter and fuel line are in clean condition and not cracked. If ok,then remove carburetor and make sure diaphram and pump are not stiff or stretched... if so install a new carb. kit.

If all this checks out ok and you are sure that there are no intake leaks, set the low and high jets at 2 and 2 turns and try starting. The saw should run , but will need to be fine tuned (RPM settings)

Need more info, write back to me

-- Lockyer Mercer (lockyer_mercer@hotmail.com), April 28, 2004.

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