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Brothers and Sisters Looking for your opinion on how do we lead a Global Church. The spiritual needs of our people around the world are greater than ever before. The need for economic empowerment is greater than ever in our history. Cultural diversity and appreciation need to be balanced with the needs of our inner city youth and their related programs. Global Missions, outreach and management raise the issue of leadership of our Global Church. I have spent many postings discussing the need for firm and spiritual leaders on the Bench. Recently on economic empowerment but not enough on Globalization.

Do you feel we should place a new emphasis on developing both the global and economic issues in our misionary districts. In Africa there are billions of dollars in minerals and precious metals, diamonds and precious stone mines. Should we be both involved in teaching our Brothers and Sisters how to grow both ways? If this were succesful the financial values would create wealthier Districts in Africa than in the United States. Wonder if Bishops would look at Africa the same way. The growth of Islam is tremendous in Africa as well as in the United States.

Should our Missionary Leadership, Young Peoples Department, Church School reflect our cultural differences with greater inclusion. I am aware that our Church CFO (Dr. Richard Allen Lewis) has a member in his office staff from Africa. Should there be more?

Looking forward to your views Blessings from Bermuda

I admit I am stuck on economic empowerment in tandem with Spiritual Empowerment since I know more can be done with wokers fed than workers starving and poor.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2004


Thank you Brother Brangman for such a profound question.

I agree we need leaders now and I mean we need Holy Spirit lead and highly educated men and women to lead our church. We suffer as a people when we are without wise leaders. In a previous post, some pondered as to how the US could survive another 20 years with its decadence. I have also wondered what will prevent this country from imploding if we don't have a revival of turning back to living by God's commandments.

In my estimation, we should be praying for wise leaders to lead our congregation and address the spiritual, mental, and physical needs of our people. Yes, I believe that at a minimum we should have a long term spiritual, mental(educational), and physical (economic) strategy for the AME church. It can begin this year at General Conference with a resolution to seek the Holy Spirit and God's plan for our individual lives and the life of the church. It can continue with every AME donating one dollar for the Father, one dollar for the Son, and one dollar for the Holy Ghost every day to the church. Yes, we need to pray vigorously for wise leaders to lead our church because based on the current events in recent US history, it is obvious that our secular leaders have failed us. Quite frankly, this country may not be fit to live in 20 years because of the rapid rate of decadence. Shall I start planning right now to move to the British Virgin Islands?


-- Anonymous, March 20, 2004

The Church has no "business" getting involved in "Economic Empowerment". First of all, the Clergy has no such skills. You can't be a good clergyman and a good businessman. Jesus said, you can't be friends with God and the world". Second, we can't afford to hire a good businessman. That is why our church is so poor; run by a bunch of clergy trying to run a business. If the church is to be the church, it must do church work and depend on the financing system set by God for support, the tithes and offerings of its people.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2004

Rev Paris. AMEN Bob McCain

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2004

Dear Pastor Paris Blessings unto you and thank you for your response. I am challenged by your comments and have a couple of questions seeking your opinion. If we have a global Church (as it appears at present) with a Chief Financial Officer and other paid officers for the administration of the Churhes affairs why would we not seek to have this work done better if the yield of our own funds could increase. Our Church raises from tithes offerings and gifts over $300 million dollars a year. We do not get, in my opinion, any real return for all of that money. If we did our banking better and raised more of our money back from the bank (which is more than just a pipe-dream)we could be doing more for the outreach our Church needs to be doing. This does not even include the business of our laity just the Churches.

Two years ago you questioned me on the tithing at my Church. I informed you that 150 members were raising more than enough money to support a total package for our Pastor of near $100,000.00. The question was based on the practise and instruction of tithing. I am not suggesting the Church go out and start businesses but just do our business better. Get a better return of our tithes and offering and lower our lending costs.

I would definately appreciate your opinion Rev.Paris and others.

Blessings from Bermuda

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2004

The tithe and offerings are to be given to the local church (Gal 6:) He that is taught in the word, communicate unto him who teaches.) There is no provision for the tithe to be given to the General Church. The practical part of the matter is this: If you send your tithe and offering to the General Church you will never see it again. There is nothing wrong with General Church except we are top heavy. We have too many bishops and too many general officers. What are the job descriptions of our General Officers? What are thier duties when we are between General Conferences? Why can't our publications be published on time?

BE Blessed

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2004

Greetings and Blessings to you Pastor Paris

Thank you again for your response and questions. I fully agree with you that our tithe and offerings ought to go to our Church. I also understand the opinions of many that our Connectional Church is extremely "Top Heavy" and needs reduction. I agree that the Church needs to have a process of alignment in how jobs are defined and justified for our Global Mission.

I believe we cannot ignore the work of the Church outside the boundaries of the United States and the exceptional work being achieved by our Church around the world. Yes there are many issues within the Church, particularly in the United States but there is much we are all learning from our Global experience. The Bermuda Annual Conference is per capita possibly the most financially efficient Conference in the connection. I do not just say that because I am from Bermuda but I am aware of information within our Church that shows that our 3,000 members raise, handle and develop more than most other jurisdictions. If we can learn greater ways of achieving effeciencies in operations than indeed Church publications can be delivered more effeciently and the greater operation of the Church can be achieved. I believe that "To whom much is given, much is required".I appreciate the point you have discussed I hope you might see some value in mine. I would like to see our Church grow like never before and this might assist that to occur.

May God Richly Bless You and your family

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2004

Oh yes, my brother. I agree with you completely that we should spread the Gospel of Christ to all the world. I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well financially. I consider that you can judge the degree of spiritually based on the contributions given to the church and its work. Jesus said that our treasure and our hearts will reside together. Bishop Paul Quinn had it right. He planted new congregations everywhere he went. Take our Fifth District, which covers more thatn one-half of the USA; we have states within that district where no AME Church exists. Our churches should be expanding into Mexico. Our churches should be divided when they reach 1000 active members into two or three churches so that they can grow again; and divide again.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2004

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