Yosemite "Diving Board" Ascent

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In Ansel Adams' book "Examples - The Making of 40 Photographs" he describes his April 1927 ascent to the Diving Board (the one on the west shoulder of Half Dome) where he captured his prized image, "Monolith, The Face of Half Dome". He writes that he and his wife Virginia, along with 2 friends started up Le Conte Gully under the north face of Grizzly peak and that this was in their pre-roping days. I am interested in finding information on this route to the Diving Board and if it is indeed a route that can be taken without ropes and associated skills. I have searched available Yosemite maps and have not been able to find any mention of Le Conte Gully. The only route documented (as far as I know) is the Snake Dike approach. Is there an established, marked (or unmarked) trail up the Le Conte Gully? Has anyone scrambled/climbed this route in recent years and what are their experiences? Is the route for expert climbers only? Can anyone provide any additional information on the subject? Thanks in advance.....dv

-- d. vido (theone4321@hotmail.com), March 18, 2004

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