F4 quick release front wheel clamp needed

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The left side 'hinged' clamp for the front wheel spindle on my F4 has cracked around the hinge pin in the outer part of the hinge.

Not user induced & not likely to be dealer induced either, poss faulty component. 3x motorcycles are not too helpful & suggest that I seek out a crashed bike to find the bit.

Not seeking to allocate blame but anyone have one they wish to part with or know of a crashed bike?

Thanks Rob

-- Rob McC (stivesvelo@yahoo.co.uk), March 18, 2004


Rob, I'd find another more helpful MV dealer and give him/her your business. It's BS that you should have to pay to replace a "faulty" part. Good luck!

-- dean (rennwerkes@yahoo.com), March 18, 2004.

Wish it was that easy as they are few & far between, also get the impression that they are also disheartened with having to deal with 3x & their poor attitude.

I'm near Cambridge if anyone can recommend someone Rob

-- Rob McC (stivesvelo@yahoo.co.uk), March 19, 2004.

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