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Every Tuesday at Noon in the Finanacial District of San Francisco there is an audible siren (similar to an air raid warning). What is this for? Why is it only on Tuesdays? Where is the horn located?

-- Andrew Padilla (, March 17, 2004


I had asked something similar awhile ago, the thread is below. There are a few, one of the ones that is loudest in the Financial District is at Grant & California.


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I'm just wondering if anyone knows the physical location of the air raid siren that goes off at noon on Tuesdays. I'm assuming this was installed sometime during WWII, but am curious as to why it is still used or serves a purpose.

-- JB (, May 05, 2003 Answers I have located a website that describes the emergency warning system of 56 outdoor sirens that sound every Tuesday at noon: I'm not sure of the downtown siren is part of this system, but since I have heard the noise from other neighborhoos, I have a suspicion that it is.

-- Amy Whiteley (, May 27, 2003.

-- J. B. (, March 17, 2004.

I read an article in the Chronicle several years back that the Sirens are sounded on Tuesdays because both major SF earthquakes occurred on a Tuesday. I was in the Financial District after the 89 quake and the siren blasted for about 15 minutes. I guess they are still used to alert emergency personnel. As if the ground heaving wasn't enough to get everyone's attention.

-- Clay Cadic (, March 22, 2004.

I grew up in SF in the 60's and 70's and left in 87, I went to school at Most Holy Redeemer which was on Diamond st between 18th and 19th st. and there was one close enough to make some of the kids jump, even tho we knew it was coming, and while visiting the parents of a childhood friend who live on Eureka st between 22nd and 23rd st several years ago , It went off just as loud, so there must be one every so many blocks, because it seems no matter what part of the City you are in, you can hear it LOUD and CLEAR! Just a part of the charm of that great city.

-- Tony P (, December 19, 2004.

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