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For an upcoming class in Polaroid transfers at my studio, I want to be prepared to answer any questions about the harmful effects of handling Polaroid chemicals. Does anyone have any information about how caustic they are, whether they're best handled w/gloves, avoided by children or pregnant women? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

-- Dianne Blackwell (dianne@dallasdarkroom.com), March 16, 2004


I've done a good bit of work with polaroid (time-zero film) prints...cutting them up when they're still wet, etc. The gook inside of them is pretty goddamn gross, white and pasty and gritty, but so long as you don't get it in any open wounds you should be ok...the stuff washes off with soap + water.

-- Leonard Freeman (griot@localnet.com), April 08, 2004.

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