Who was behind Spain election

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From another angle to see the terror attack.

Have you ever consider the terror attack might from US or Israel intelligence? I allege so based on following reason.

1. The known attack from Al Quada all targetted at US. Bombing US embassy in Afirica; the bombing of US Cole; 911 attack were point to US government, military and Jewish financial interest.(WTC is viewed as a financial center where there was a lot of Jewish financial institution). But this time is totally point to a foreign country and its civilians.

2. Al Quada is said heavily hit by Bush's anti-terror war. Bin Laden is said to be in trap of US military. How can it activate such a big attack?

3. The time is sensible. It took place just days before the Spain election. The purpose is more likely to influence the election. It is a tactic used to use by government. Such like this election year, they let out the information that Bin Laden will be arrested. To support Bush and his war policy, to maintain an international ally is important for him. In US, such an terror attack would generally boost the public's enthusiasm to support the government. It's no surprise if they use it in Spain. Only this time it doesn't work. Because Iraq war is real unpopular.

4. US government has a history to plan to attack its own people to provoke a war. The plan of Northwoods is evidence. And there was anthrax attack and DC sniper shooting which I also viewed as attack to push for war.

It doesn't make sense for Al Quada to increas the hostility against them from people in Europe at this time. If they can do it now, why not do it at the time when US invaded Afghan and Iraq? Even people of Spain didn't suspect Al Quada at first but the Basque group of their own country.

It is more like a tactic to help the election of Bush's ally Aznar in Spain to strenthen Bush's war policy in a election year.

I would like to say it's not terrorists win in Spain, it's Bush's war policy fails in Spain.

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2004


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-- Anonymous, March 17, 2004

I believe the news is accurately reporting the arrests and investigation into this horrific act of murder and terrorism. The facts already being released show a trail that does not point to the American Government. I am not an American but I believe that we should show some respect for those who have perished and those in law enforcement investigating this attack. For the actions of the U.S. Government the American people are already demanding answers. Democracy does work.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2004

The reason I allege US intelligence manipulating terrorist. How Feds manipulat Islamic rebel in Philipinnes.

193. Bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia

Back to the story. Because of persecution on me was intensified at that time, I left for HongKong in March, 1999. The visa granted me a three months stay in HongKong. My wife and parents urged me to go to Shanghai but I refused. I had been there in 1994 and 1995. The bitter experience then told me Chinese secret police was co-operated with US agents in persecution. I told them I'd go somewhere else but not China.

On 5/8, I heard from news broadcast that NATO bombed Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. Three missiles hit the building and caused three deaths. The official explanation was that army Misunderstood the target by using an old map. Of course most people don't believe it. There were big protest in China and HongKong. Media reported anti-US sentiment growing in China. I fell in that propaganda. And thought that in such a situation, China secret police might not work so eagerly for US agency. Maybe I would be safe to go to China at this time?

I visited Chinese travel agency in later May. And applied for a visa there on 6/1.

Then I was hesitated because there was an unusual warm welcome from my relatives. One lasting impression to me after the drug case is the drift apart of friends and relatives. (see "9. Estranged friends and customers") People were intimidated by agents. Though they won't refuse if I ask for help. To actively welcome a person of "trouble" is perversive. With continued call from my relatives in Shanghai, I had a feeling the invitation were from secret agent. I extend Hongkong visa for one more month and after a re-consideration, I decided to go to South-east Asia.

I was once curious at the event of Chinese Embassy bombing. Was it a designated one or an coincidence? I was almost fell in that psychology trap and went for a dangerous trip to China. But in 1999, it seemed NATO was far from FBI, DEA. "You may over sensitive." I told myself.

Later development proved my suspicion is reasonable. Similar event re- acted in 2001.

194. D.o.D. worked for D.o.J. (1/6)

In April 2001, an US EP-3 spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter above South China sea and was forced landing in HaiNan Island of China. In same month both directors of FBI and DEA announced resignation that they would leave in June.

A news in internet revealed that FBI and DEA took part in a secret deal in which they paid a large sum of money to China to release the spy plane and the crew. I realized in the name of solving spy plane crisis, D.o.J. bribed Chinese secret police to frame a drug case on me. The attempt repeated several times and finally proved by the break out of Fujian drug case. (see attempted drug case at message #61 to 65. See spy plane case at: 'Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane?' http://hometown.aol.com/sunkat563/myhomepage/profile.html See Fujiang drug case at messages: 141,142,143,150, 155)

The two accidents (bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia and collision of spy plane) played cover up role for the plot of D.o.J.. They create a hostile appearance between US and China to make any plot more deceivable. People would hardly believe there was a conspiracy between two hostile countries. So they would believe framed drug case a true one.

In September 2003, when Democratic candidate Howard Dean gathered more support and would become a real threat to Bush, inside group threw out Wesley Clark to block him.

The CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll published a poll result that Clark led over Bush at the rate of 49% to Bush's 46%, just four days after Clark announced being 10th Demo's candidate. Consider media is in stronghold of inside group and they used to manipulate public's sentiment by poll, I think he is a tool used by intelligence to stop Dean. How could he be suddenly so popular when many people still didn't know whom Clark was? If he was supported by anti-war opinion, then why not Howard Dean being supported the higher rate as he holding anti-war opinion much longer and was much popular then?

Later information revealed Clark, with great possiblity, a man works for FBI. It's no surprise if we know the men like Walter Disney and former president Reagon had been informants of FBI.

1. Wesley Clark was the commander of 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. His troops and weapon equipment were used in Waco event. We all know that FBI was the commander of Waco raid. And US law forbid US military act in domestic law enforcement.

2. Wesley Clark was the commander of NATO when there was bombing in Yugoslavia. Of course most people don't know the cause of bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. But Clark's emergence enabled me to solve the puzzle of the bombing in May 1999 and connected dots to FBI and D.o.J..

There are articles defend Clark's link to Waco event, saying he is innocent to the event. That it was his deputy did that.

Question and answer:

Quote, "You show me some actual military documentation that proves me wrong, and I'll gladly own it, but while that entire operation was happening, General Clark was a highly visible man on post. He was making statements and running other operations on the base while his equipment and personnel were on loan to the Federal Authorities, end of story."

Answer: It's hard for outsiders to get any military document or we might be prosecuted of holding secret document of government like Captain Yee of Guantanamo had been. But circumstance evidence was strong. Clark was the commander. His troops and equipment were used in Waco event. According to you "his equipment and personnel were on loan to the Feds." So he didn't related to Waco slaughter? It's as absurd as Tony Blair saying that he didn't involve in Iraq war. "The British army in Iraq are only equipments and personnel loaned to US."

195. Bombing "Philippines FBI" (1/11)

I extended my stay in Hongkong one more month to July, 1999. I searched information about countries of South-east Asia in Library and picked up travel information from the consulate of these countries.

I knew nobody in these countries except Philippines where my wife has many relatives living there. In mid 90s, some of these relatives visited us. I thought it was a routine that Feds checking the relationship of their target. From their angle, I think, Philippines was the country I would go if I would not go to China.

In July 99, two events shocked me. One was the death of Jr. Kennedy. I think Feds were scare of his potential political power and worried the revelation of my story. (see "17. They killed President Kennedy")

The other one was that there was a bombing in headquarters of National Bureau of Investigation of Philippines. Hongkong newspaper said it was an organization equaling to FBI of US. Several people died in this bombing.(7 ?) I immediately realized it was a regime change. Now Feds controlled secret police of Philippines. They used a violent way to get rid of the people which blocked the way of their own candidate because it was urgent. They thought I would go there at that month.

As a matter of fact, Feds were wrong. I had never planned to go to Philippines. I was not familiar with my wife's relatives. And an important reason I wouldn't go there was because Philippines is an island country. The only way I knew at that time to access Philippines was by flight. Air accident is a popular way of assassination for Feds. I tried to avoid air travel if possible. On 7/18/99, I went to Malaysia.

Later when I came back to US in 2000, I learned the deaths of three old neighbours. I think they were murdered at that time. (see "10. The death of old people")

In about same time, there was a Lai Changxing smuggling case broke out in China. In which there was a regime change in high ranking government of Fujiang province, included secret police (Bereau of State Security) After that, the secret police of US and China developed a drug gang there. Then they lured my wife and her brothers (in Philippines) to buy apartments in Fujiang with bargain deal. (see "146. Regime change in Fujian" and 141,142,143,150, 155)

Four years after July 1999, I realize how seriously Feds treated my leaving. They first made D.o.D. bombed Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia to lure me to China. After the failure and felt their crime might be revealed, they activated their resources to have regimes change in high ranking secret police of Philippines and Fujiang, China. They murdered the people whom might be thier trouble if their crime revealed and intended to murder more by creating a drug gang in Fujiang.

196. Islamic terrorist manipulated by government (1/16)

Five months later, on 12/16/99, I was in city of Surabaya, Java, Indonisia. I stayed in a guesthouse. In the sitting room, there was a young man studying a map. We had a chat. He said he came from US and was going to Phillipines. He told me we could go to Borneo by boat. Then to the east Sabah, from there there was a ship line connecting Malaysia and south part of Phillipines, Mindanao. "Ta, Ta, Ta." his finger jumped on the table, "you get to Phillipines by boat".

But even there was a ship line to Phillipines, I would not go. The bombing of headquarters of "Phillipines FBI" was still fresh in my mind. It was obvious another guidance from Feds. They invited me to Phillipines. They even recognized that I tried to avoid air travel and instructed me a road by sea. What trap was there in Mindanao ready for me?

Four months later, I got the answer. In April 2000, news reported 21 hostages (10 were western tourists) were held by Islamic militants in southeast Asian seas. That was the start of Abu Sayev rebels and other riots in south part of Phillipines. It happened on the travel line I would take if I had taken the advice to go Phillipine by sea.

Later in TV news, I saw the weapons these Islamic rebels using were not knives, old rifles as I thought before. Their weapons were advanced ones like Stallon used in his movie "Rambo".

My suspicion of Feds manipulating Islamic rebels to commit terrorism got proved by the news of military rebellion in Phillipines. On 7/27/03, a group of military mutineers seized a shopping center in Manila, demanded the government resign.

The soldiers claim that: Quote, " Senior military officials, in collusion with the Arroyo regime, carried out last March's bombing of the airport in the southern city of Davao, as well as several other attacks. Thirty- eight people were killed in the bombings. The leader of the mutiny, Lieutenant Antonio Trillanes, claims to have "hundreds" of witnesses who can testify to the plot.

The army has fueled terrorism in Mindanao by selling weapons and ammunition to the very rebel forces the young soldiers were sent to fight.

Members of the military and police helped prisoners convicted of terrorist crimes escape from jail. The "final validation", according to Trillanes, was Fathur Rohman al-Ghozi's July 14 escape from a heavily guarded Manila prison. Al-Ghozi is a notorious bomb-maker with Jemaah Islamiah, which was linked to both the Bali and Marriott attacks."

The government was on the verge of staging a new string of bombings to justify declaring martial law.


Among the mutineers, some were officials who took part in the battle in southern part of Phillipines against Islamic rebels and had been awarded medals for thier bravery in struggle. When they saw the weapons and ammunitions rebel used were supported by their own government, and that the terrorist bombing were organized by their own government, they rose up to protest.


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-- Anonymous, March 18, 2004

And this is related to AME how????????

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2004

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