What is the best speed to cut VCD

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I want to know what is the ideal speed to cut the VCD to play on VCD player ( even on china made ).

Regards ... Munaf

-- Munaf Hirkani (munaf_hirkani@hotmail.com), March 16, 2004


Because VCD format doesn't have the kind of error correction that audio CD and CD-ROM have, generally speaking it is best to burn as slow as possible. I would not recommend burning above 8x if possible, but with most of the current burners, you'll be lucky if you can go as "slow" as 24x. As a general rule, burning at a faster speed does not make a VCD unplayable, but you're less likely to have errors in burning if you burn at slower speeds. I have an older CD-R burner, so I usually burn at 4x.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), March 16, 2004.

Although my cd burner can burn at high speeds, I use it only for burning data CDs. As for burning video CDs, I will select the speed at 2x or 4x. Higher than that, I get some some skippy playbacks.

Adrian Lee www.VideoLane.com

-- Adrian Lee (adrian@videolane.com), June 14, 2004.

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