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Hello, i was wondering if anyone can give me plans for a frame to hold a 30?cc whippersnipper engine, wheels, and clutch. also a steering servo or two, and a throttle servo. all help would be much appreciated. also, on the top i require space for a large ish piece or Foamboard to hold the control electronics. for sensors i am using a (scanning) ultrasonic rangefinder at the front, and plenty (one per corner (scanning) and one (non scanning) up the back) infrared rangefinders. room for these sensors, taking in to account that they will be SCANNING, in the frame plan would be great. the idea is this thing will go driving around an area randomly, until it targets a ball emitting a IR beam. it will promptly drive up to the ball, and putt it away, then wait 10 seconds and go looking for it again. all help will be greatly appreciated.

-- Andrew Holmes (, March 16, 2004


I'm not sure about using a weed wacker engine, but I found a description of a project like yours in a book called 'The Absolute Beginners guide to Building Robots. By the way, we met at the Wesley scholarship exam! I shared some M & Ms with you. Please e-mail me!

-- Andrew Wright (, May 15, 2004.

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