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how fast will a petrol strimmer engine go on a little bike about 1/2 a metre tall with a 7 1/2 stone person on it.

-- sonny parson (, March 14, 2004


It depends how big are the sprokets but Iwold say about 120kph

-- nathan hall (, March 15, 2004.

well if the cc of the trimmer engine is pretty good like in the 40's at least and it has decent torq and your using a 2 to 1 sprocket ratio (the sprocket on the engine is twice as big as the one on the wheel hub. which will probly have you to have to change the rear sprocket) then you could probly realisticly get it going about 30mph or 65kph but without changing the sprocket you could use a scrub drive which uses a peice of rubber on the drive shaft that wont slip and rubbing it on the rear tire and that "might" get you going a bit faster but not too likely and that wears out the tire alot faster so be prepared to change it often.

-- Dash (, March 16, 2004.

it does depend on the cc's just experiment with the bike. learn it from the in and out. then you should be able to figure it out.

-- guitarrodeo (, March 18, 2004.

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