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Dear Brother and Sisters

The reponse from the first submission has been incredible. As a result I have agreed to submit some additional information. Senator the Hon. Rev.Dr. Santucci and I have worked on three prime streams of revenue and one secondary stream of revenue. Based on the preliminary thesis it is expected that the Church will raise from it's own business relationships approximately $14-16million per year.The only way this would in fact work is if the Church adopt this as legislation and then each Episcopal District down to the individual Church support.The Benefits I believe will be significant with "Cash Back" for each Church. The vision of the plan would be the significant investment in each Missionary District with the view of building them to self sufficiency within 10 years. Senator Santucci is an active candidate for the Bishopric with a real plan for the financial empowerment of the Church. If this plan makes cents (smile) to you. Send your thoughts.I am eagerly awaiting the opinion of the distinguished Professor QED

The Blessings of the Lord upon you

More to follow.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2004

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