Will All Dogs Go to Heaven?

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While catching up on some back issues of the Wall Street Journal I came across a fascinating story, 3-10-04,(it amazingly appeared on the front page) about some churches and synagogues allowing pets in their worship services. Several mainstream churces are doing this as a way to reach out and recruit unchurched pet lovers to join in their services along with their furry friends. Some of the churches are actually allowing special prayer for animals suffering from debilitating disease during the service. This really gives new meaning to altar call. One synagogue opened up its worship service to include cats, dogs, guinea pig and even, gasp, a king snake. I know some of us think a dog is a man's best friend but I for one don't find human-animal co-habitation in public places of worship particularly appealling. I guess what I really "fear" is some parishoner bringing his/her pet chimpanzee to church and showing that he/she is just as or more intelligent as most church folks :-) QED

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2004


Dear Brother Good Question. I have never heard of this practice but we do accept pets as family members and we do love them affectionately. I would need to be excused for the "King Snake" (smile)

Blessings to you my Brother

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2004

Say WHAT!! Now the mainstream church world has really done bumped their heads!!! You know you don't have to compromise your integrity and God's name in order to get into the church. You see, this what mainstream religion come to bringing pets to church!! Like Paul stated "they are worshipping the creature more than the Creator"!! Where are we going with this??? Nowhere in the Word of God, that salvation is offered to animals. (I know I will get some comments on this statement I am about to make) In otherwords.....animals don't have a soul like humans do. Christ did not suffer and die for Fido and Puff and Fluffy, but He died for you and me. All this mess in the church clearly shows that we as a Body have donr gone way to the left or way to right and it will take Jesu to center us...to Him!!! God is not in alot things that we are doing in the name of Jesus and we are going to be judged for it if we don't cut it out.

Striving to be more like Him! Lori Phil 1:20-21

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2004

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