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I've been told that the top of Mt. Sutro was the site, during WWII, of a radio transmitter of some kind. I am NOT talking about the later Sutro Tower on the slope of Twin Peaks, or about the radio tower that preceded it. I'm talking about the actual top of Mt. Sutro. It was used for military purposes. Does anybody know anything about this?

Also, any information about the subsequent use of the same spot for research facilities for UCSF?

- SA

-- Sylvia Allen (, March 12, 2004


As part of the Cold War, at the beginning of 1955, the radar platoon of Battery B, 740th Nike Missile Battalion, US Army was activated atop Mt. Sutro. The missile launcher platoon was located in the Presdio's Ft. Scott. I was platoon commanding officer at Mt. Sutro until Fall of 1956. To best of my knowledge, the site was on active duty until the early 70s.

-- John Cavanagh (, April 23, 2004.

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