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yeah is a rust muffler alright to leave on or should i grind it and polish. i have a briggs 3hp engine that should pull me but it won't what could it be. the brigg is a riding mower engine. its old. i cean out the fuel tank and still no pull. plus the carb might need dirty. i don't know what to do.

-- chris fuller (gutiarplayer189@wmconnect.com), March 11, 2004


The muffler is fine as long as its just surface rust but it could help to sand it down and get rid of it now and its a bit less likely to come back if you paint it with barb-q paint and to fix the engine just go online and find a briggs repair manual there pretty cheep and that should help a lot but it could be a lot of things. Dose it fire at all when you start it coz if the mufflers rusted its probly old so take off the cylinder cover (the one with the spark plug in it) and check for a lot of carbon build up coz its probly dirty and try changing the spark plug and cleaning the carb if you don't feel comfortable doing this just take it to a small engine repair shop and they should be able to fix it for not too much

-- Dash (none@none.com), March 16, 2004.

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