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It appears that the enemy of our faith has returned. We now are being asked to consider that the foundation of our faith needs revision.We must continue to pray for those who do not believe that we ought to have the same freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of worship and freedom to communicate our ideas as they have imposed theirs on us. There is no doubt that there are those who believe we ought not have the right to live the life we believe. In Rome Christians were sent to the slaughter because of their beliefs. But just like then the word of God continued to be spread around the globe. We will continue despite the attacks of the enemy.

I pray for this soul who finds the need to use offensive language and racial terms to get under our skin. May God help this individual or individuals as we continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite it all God is able.

God be with you all

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2004

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