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My self and other employees were not liking the way our Director at a child care facility, was running and handling things at work so myself and another employee called the district manager who is my directors boss. She investagated the problems we had, finding they were true, so she addressed my boss to fix these things, including the way she talks to her employees (tone of voice), her unprofessionalism, and other things.The director then improved on these things but now they are back to the way they were before. After i made the complaint my boss has been treating me diferent. Talking to me rudely, treating my child different, just acting like she wants nothing to do with me only talking to me when she has to. Anyways she is writing me up for many things, i think to get rid of me. These things are being done by other employees but i'm the only one who's getting in trouble for them. She's trying to firer me. Many other employees have left our workplace because of this woman.

-- Cindy Ronquillo (, March 08, 2004

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