Have you read the autobiography of a SF prostitute-1915 ?

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I have found in the archives of Robert,E. Park at the university of Chicago an autobiography of a 21,5 years girl, prostitute in San Francisco.She began at Spider Kelly.She wrote the autobiography for a Mrs O' connor.It seems to me that it was written in 1915.The last house she attended was in Washington alley called also at that time fish alley. her text begins like that: "I am writing the story of my life because something is telling me to do it.The voice is so strong that I can't think of anything else." Was it published ? Where? So far, I have translated this text in French and will publish it, it gives some insight of the Barbary Coast.

-- Guth suzie (rets.guth@wanadoo.fr), March 08, 2004

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