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We can practically say that initial implementation of Service Level Measurement has some level inaccuracy. This is basically on the aspect of information inaccuracy due to, say for example, monitoring tool failure resulting to extended or undetected dowtime recordings. Can this be presented in a form of "Accuracy Index"?

-- Levy Marinas (, March 07, 2004


Yes i think so. But you would need to know how to define the index and have an idea of what is the ideal (=100%) situation. For example log up-time of logging-tools (:)) and define what is a correct % of up-time (?95% or higher) depending on the hours to monitor 8h/5d is different of a 24/7day monitoring. It depends on risks when not monitoring (finacial or process probleems etc). All these should be taken into account. Glad to give more info when needed.

-- alain grijseels (, June 04, 2004.

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