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Do you live in Cali.? Have you trained with Dona or Cappa and now need experience and Hours with clients who are willing to hire you on a sliding scale or Free in exchange for evaluation basis?

I maintain a list at that lists Doulas like you looking for clients. I also receive requests from clients seeking a doula. I match these up as closely as I can and pass on the information.

To be added to the list just email me your name, town, zip, credentials if any.

-- Sara Duggan (, March 07, 2004


I am currently a member and am training as a Birth Doula with DONA .I have an extensive background as a Certified Nurses Aide and Certified Home Health Aide.I am 47 years old and have attended 6 births with three of them being in the past 2 years .I have given birth 2 wonderfull times .I will be training also as a lactation consultant,massage technician .My goal is to become a chilbirth educator .I am in the Lodi/Stockton area but will gladly travel a reasonable distance .Feel free to Email me anytime .

-- Brenda Stringer (, April 07, 2004.

Great! The Birthing Project in Sacramento is having a Volunteer Doula training this month I believe 23, 24, (weekend) This is a fabulous training and you will be working with underpriviledged women, some very high risk, some who aren't. Most women in this program deliver at San Juan Mercy, Sutter Davis, or Uc Davis Medical Center. Have you looked into the hospitals around Stockton to see if they have a Volunteer Doula Program? Also, in June, Sutter Davis is having an orientation as well. This is a fantastic opportunity to get in quite a few births and hours working in the hospital setting. You sign up for shifts which makes it easier for you and mommie. I will be adding you to MommieCare's list soon and you migh want to add your name to the International list as well.(the link is on my homepage)

-- S. Duggan (, April 07, 2004.

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