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I have a Digitrax Big Boy system ( very early-predates Empire builder). I am just getting back into the hobby after a several year hiatus. This system has many quirks, but i have gotten it running again. However,I have hit a big snag - i cannot prgram 2 digit addresses - all my dcc equipped locos only operate on "03". i have followed the instructions in the big boy manual several times with several locos, but no success. one loco does run on another 2 digit address ( last 2 digits of the road number), but i think it was programmed by me a couple of years ago, before everything was packed away. The instructions say to press the "run" and "fx" button to go into program mode. the LEDs indicate i am in program mode. I use the left pot to set the CV to "AD" then the right pot to set the 2 digit address, then hit "set". The loco evens shudders slightly, or so it seems I leave program mode, and once again it only operates on "03". what am i doing wrong???

-- Steve Murphy (, March 06, 2004

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