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I was diagnosed with bilateral AVN of Tibia/Talus in 1992. I had an unsuccessful core decompression and bone graft (illial to tibia) in 1993 on the right tibia. The pain has been been ever-present--somedays tolerable, somedays not (ie: inability to walk). During an exam update this week, my surgeon discovered a cyst at the base of the right tibia where it meets the talus. Based on the information I have found, it doesn't appear that I am a candidate for either ankle joint replacement, or another compression/graft. Is there ANY new development in this area? Does the existence of the cyst imply that the existing dead bone has now started to collapse? Has this situation accelerated to the point that I need to go to a major orthopedic center for consultation / treatment? Thanks!

-- Mary E. Howell (, March 06, 2004

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