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How long did it take to travel by ship from New York to SF during the Golde Rush?

-- Jim Chenn (, March 06, 2004


The world record was set by the clipper ship Flying Cloud in 1854

Between January 21 - April 20 1854 Flying Cloud sailed from New York to San Francisco in 89 days 8 hours! This long standing record stood until 1989 when an ultralight monohull Thursday's Child finally broke record, sailing from New York to San Francisco (around the Horn) in 80 days 18 hours.

I believe normal passages were closer to six months (180 days) on average but maritime buffs will correct me on this.

-- will (, March 06, 2004.

Adolphus Windeler made the voyage in 169 days from New York to San Francisco as a member of the crew aboard the ship Probus, arriving on 06 December 1849.

The California Gold Rush Diary of a German Sailor by Adolphus Windeler
Illustrated with pencil sketches by his inseparable partner Carl (Charley) Fridrerich Christendorff.
Edited and with introduction by W.Turrentine Jackson
-- strange (, September 14, 2004.

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