Micro Switches for Manual Turnout Routing

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Hello Allan (et. al.),

I'm interested in using your power routing solution for manual turnout control (http:/ /www.wiringfordcc.com/switches.htm#a14). I was wondering what brand and model of micro switch you used in the photo example.

Thanks again for a wonderfully informative site, James McNab Des Moines, IA

-- James McNab (jfmcnab@mchsi.com), March 04, 2004


No particular micro switch is required. See my parts webpage for a suggested part number. I believe the one in the parts page is for a Cherry microswitch. Go to this page and look under Switches for a suggested part number.


-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), March 04, 2004.

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