i need help

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i need help on a school page thing. it has to be like 500 words and long. it is on the life of poe and how you think of it. of you guys can help me by writing a paragrap and send to me i would have like 5 things. so write one for me adn i will put you in my work and i will be so happy i will write some thing for you if you help me now.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2004


i do not know what to write. can other people help me help her write this. i think we could all help her and make her thing work out well. she did not write well but i think we have to help her cuz of her writing.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2004

i do not know the answer. what is it. can some one help me and help her. she needs help and she needs it now. so get off your lazy asses and help her out.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2004

I'm confused what do you need? I will be happy to help you though cause im writing a research paper on him as well.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2004

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