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I am 35 and I was diagnosed with AVN of the hips about 4 months ago. I just had bi-lateral core decompression surgery performed, but my right hip may need a replacement afterall. I am currently researching the different replacements. However, I desperately need the expert opinion of a surgeon about the Pros/Cons of both Titanium and Ceramic replacements. Thank you for your time!

-- marina fotiadis (, March 03, 2004


I am 77 years old and having right hip problems

-- marie converse (, March 17, 2004.

Last September at age 54, I finally got a titanium hip replacement after suffering many years with Legg-Calve-Perthes complications. My weight and age finally got to me and my affected leg was over 1 inch shorter. Pain was at times unbearable when I'd "catch" my hip. My orthopod suggested using titanium because of my young age (I thanked him for that comment). I've been doing well and wonder why it took me so long to have it done.

-- Dwayne Crandall (, June 10, 2004.

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