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Iíve been reading about Church history recently and was wondering if anyone could answer some questions regarding what kinds of abuses were occurring in the Church during the Renaissance that sparked the Protestant Reformation and how the Church ultimately reformed internally to fix these abuses. Most of the anti-Catholic arguments Iíve seen seem to be aimed at abuses that occurred in the Church before the Council of Trent and the very worldly leaders of the Church at that time. The little I know about Church history gives me the impression that it was a dark time for the Church hierarchy. On the positive side, it seems to highlight the fact that we all need to be on guard for abuses within the Church (artificial contraception, molestation charges, and liturgical abuses come to mind). It also shows, I think, that despite abuses by some members of the church hierarchy and clergy, that the true teachings of the Apostles remain intact for future generations and that the church ultimately becomes renewed. If the true teachings of the Church were followed, these abuses would not have occurred. God seems to raise up saints to renew the Church in times of crises. Iíd like to learn more, can anyone help me out? Thanks.

-- Andy (, February 29, 2004



-- bumpity (, February 29, 2004.

Hi Andy,

For an absolutely rivoting account of Church history, read H. W. Crocker's "Triumph, The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church." It details history from the apostles all the way up to the present time. A fascinating read! Accurate too!!

The Church survived the Dark Ages IN SPITE of abuses by the hierarchy. The laypeople of that time along with other holy Religious carried the Church through that difficult time. Monestaries were still being built. Hospitals were still ministering to the sick. Orphanages were still providing care for the fatherless. Schools were still being built to educate the poor and illiterate. Does this not show the divine hand of God in motion? Any other institution would have fallen! In fact, the Catholic Church is not only the only institution that survived the Dark Ages, but it is the oldest institution PERIOD! Does that not speak VOLUMES as to the origen and nature of Holy Mother Church? I say YES, YES, IT DOES!

No matter the corruption, no matter the abuses, God always provides a way for His holy Church to survive! That is her triumph, that is her glory!!!


-- Gail (, February 29, 2004.

Amen, Gail!

-- MaryLu (, February 29, 2004.

Another note on the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation divided Christians because there was money and power at stake. Local princes in Germany *wanted* Rome out of the way so they could declare a state religion that they could control and they raided the Roman Church's coffers and put the money into their own pockets.

As usual, money and power ruled the day.

-- Bill Nelson (, February 29, 2004.

Yes, Bill, the protestant churches that formed were immediately corrupted and utilized for political reasons. In fact, when you read the history of protestantism, you see it being kicked around like the proverbial football from country to country, state to state. It set off firestorms of bloodshed all across Europe and Europe still bears the scars even today; Ireland, a tragic case in point! May the Saints and Angels pray God's blessing on all of the war-scarred lands in Europe.

God Bless,


-- Gail (, February 29, 2004.

Thanks all for your replies. I'll definitely take have to get that H.W. Crocker book Gail! Thanks again.

-- Andy (, March 01, 2004.

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