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I have an assignment and I need to know the following and can't seem to locate the answers: They have to be one word answers, it's a crossword puzzle. 1. what was written about Poe after his death trying to ruin his reputation? 2. What story was sold for only $10, was it The Raven? 3. Poe's life had been an earnest longing for this?


-- Anonymous, February 28, 2004


1. An obituary by Rufus Briswold, executor of his estate, slandered Poe with accusations. 2. Not sure of the story but the poem "The Raven" was initially little remunerated and that reluctantly on a prior agreement for something else. 3. Poe's earnest longing? That is actually hard to tie down. "The Lake" would seem to put the ineffable contact with his Muse, an ideal as something that made everything else secondary. Yet that ideal was tied to past memories impossible to retrieve and burdensome in their haunting, hopes equally elusive, and loves that died and disappeared.

If you had given the number of letters it might have been easier, but the homework is yours to do. In the future try internet sites life knowingpoe/thinkport.org and www.eapoe.org and other links with FAQ's for common questions.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2004

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