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Hi, I am interested in getting certified as a doula in portland oregon, but i just moved here and am not so sure, it seems like there is so many places, does anyone know any good programs? I am interested in being a doula for home births & water births, hypno births, that type of thing i am looking for a program that is connect with this kind of birthing? thanks so much. -marianne

-- marianne elizabeth (, February 28, 2004


I would first try to find out who the local Midwives are in your area. Look into this as if you were going to be having you baby with her. Do you feel comfortable with her etc.... Find a program to study with DONA or Cappa are a few I trained with Dona but certified with Cappa. Once the Training (3 days) is finished you can pretty much shadow a Midwife in homebirths or birth center births(free standing) DONA's site Cappa's site

-- Sara Duggan (, March 07, 2004.

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