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What is the leagal minimum number of breaks and how long are these breaks for a 12 hour day including lunch. I was recently offered a job that worked a 12 hour day with one 20 minute lunch and one 20 minute break.

-- Cliff Wallace (, February 27, 2004


Please tell them to have a nice day. It has been a long time since I worked in corporate but please think about this. 12 hours 40 min? They better have a really good insurance plan or be paying huge wages. Your body will crumble. I only wish I could get my team of homeworkers to put in 4 SOLID hours a day, 5 days a week, geesh if they only did that for 90 days.... But realy here the last job that I had here in IL , I seem to recall that our staff was required after 6 hours, to have 30 min. That information should be clearly posted in a main area where workers can clearly find it.

-- Kikki Sheer (, April 16, 2004.

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